The Biggest Mistakes You May Make with Self Publishing Online


“Be aware of the mistakes that you might make”

Self publishing levels the playing field in many respects. You can get involved in it whether you’re a novice or an expert, but if you haven’t been trained or prepared in any way, you need to make sure that you avoid some of the most common mistakes.
One of the reasons that self published authors have to work past certain stigmas relating to the self publishing industry is because of the poor quality of many self published eBooks. According to “The Pit and the Pendulum of Self Publishing,” many would be authors just publish eBooks without paying attention to the quality. If you hire an editor or even have someone go over your eBook before self publishing online, you’ll be ahead of most. But it will take even more than that for your eBook to be a quality product. Here are some of the biggest mistakes that you can and should avoid.

Typographical and Grammatical Errors


“Hire a professional editor to review your work”

Depending on how you talk to in the self publishing community, typographical and grammatical errors can have varying effects on your success in self publishing online. Some people are of the mindset that if a book is well developed in terms of the plot, the readers can forgive the errors in spelling and grammar. However, the majority of the publishing world, other writers, and writing services use poor grammar and typographical errors as indications of a poorly developed eBook.
Avoid the risk. Make sure that the manuscript has been thoroughly proofed. Make sure that your spellings are consistent. This becomes even more important when you write a book with made up words. Some reviewers will thoroughly pan an otherwise good book because of poor grammar and other errors. Don’t run that risk. You may have an excellent story or a great deal of good information, but you don’t want to risk losing your readers simply because of such errors. It works best to hire a couple editors to help you with this process. It can be rather expensive, but English majors and editors just starting up their freelance practices may be able to offer you a reduced rate. Just make sure to check samples of their work to ensure that they can provide the services they promise.
Once, the editing phase is over and you are planning to get your eBook finally published, you should shift your concern towards directing traffic to your eBook. One good option is to choose trustworthy allies like Amazon and get Amazon traffic to your eBook. Yes, you can get traffic with Amazon and make your online self publishing a huge success.

Too Much Self-Aggrandizing


“Make sure you write a short but nice bio about yourself”

According to Blue Ink Review, one of the most annoying traits of self published authors is that no one edits their bios. This means that the authors are free to describe themselves in any way they like, including making grandiose statements like “being the greatest wordsmith since William Shakespeare” or “destined to bring literary greatness into the world.”
While you hopefully have enough humility and commonsense to not make this mistake, you need to make sure that you don’t make it accidentally. A number of authors attempt to use humor to lighten the mood. Whether dry or corny, humor does not always translate well. Written humor is one of the harder genres to write, and you shouldn’t attempt to put it into your bio. The bio should be straightforward, brief, and explanatory.
If you truly believe that your writing is the greatest thing since William Shakespeare or J.R.R. Tolkien, then you should refrain from saying it. Let your readers say that about your work. It’s more acceptable to include recommendations, referrals, and reviews on the website or the back cover. Do not put them in the bio.

Poor Cover Art and Illustrations


“Take help from a professional graphic designer for your eBook cover”

One of the classic sayings in this culture is that one should never judge a book by its cover. Unfortunately, people do judge books by their covers. If a book has illustrations, they also judge it by those.
The book cover plays an important role even in self publishing online. It creates as much a first impression as the title of the eBook. You need to make sure that it looks professional and that it catches the interest of a reader. When it comes to browsing an online bookstore, readers make their determinations based just as much on the cover of the book as the title and reviews.
Avoid using stock images and overly loud pictures. Unless you have a skill in artistic and graphic design, you should avoid making it yourself. You should also avoid relying on friends or family members unless they have actual skill and training. Otherwise, hire a designer to craft an effective and imaginative cover for your eBook. Make sure that you get it in a high resolution, and avoid anything that does not look good in thumbnail as well as full size versions.

Improper Formatting


“Improper formatting will make your eBook look ugly”

Improper formatting in an eBook extends to more than just making sure that the eBook can be read on an eReader or in a browser. It includes all the mechanics of the eBook including some grammatical and typographical issues that make the eBook easier to read. Self publishing online may seem as easy as copying and pasting your manuscript into an eBook converter. However, it takes more than that. Here are the following things that poorly formatted eBooks forget to take care of:
Consistent spacing
Indentation at the start of a new paragraph
Consistent italicization, bolding, or other formatting throughout
Only a single space in between sentences rather than two spaces
Use quotation marks to designate speech
Break up paragraphs so that they do not expand beyond 500 words
Automatic screen readjustments
Linked table of contents
Formatted page numbers
Proper image conversion and embedding
These formatting issues are only some of the most common mistakes that self published authors make. To avoid making others, have someone assist you with the formatting and editing. Also avoid formatting for only one eBook format. While you may assume that you want your eBook available on Amazon, make sure that you also make it available on other online bookstores. You never know where you might connect with additional fans, and it does not cost much more to take care of such formatting up front.

Lack of Social Media Presence


“Be active on social media sites to interact with your fans”

Almost all successful authors these days have a platform. The platform is easiest to establish through social media. While some segments of the reading population aren’t plugged into social media, the vast majority are. Many self published writers assume that if they write the book, then people will read it, and their success will be made. That is not the case.
With hundreds of eBooks published each day, writers must develop their target audience and create a following. The best way to accomplish this is through the creation of a platform through various forms of social media and the Internet. Through these resources, you can cultivate a following from around the world and target those individuals who will enjoy the work you have to offer.

To avoid being overwhelmed, don’t choose more than four social media platforms. If you can maintain these and keep them well developed, then you may be able to add others. Good Reads is one of the best ones to add since it is already stocked with avid readers. Facebook and Twitter often make it in the top tier choices for many writers. Research other potential social media platforms and then prioritize based on your target audience.

Nook Vs Kindle: Which One Is The Right Gadget For You?

Nook Vs Kindle: Which one is right for you? This is a common question heard from the face of gadget lovers. Let’s see here the features of Kindle and Nook. Kindle, one of the best sold e-readers from Amazon costs $79 with a charger. At present, you can easily get Kindle with a charger and screensaver for just $99. Similar to Kindle, Nook Simple Touch from B&N is another gadget that had grabbed the hearts of electronic product lovers. It is ad-free and comes in market with a charger for just $79. When compared to Kindle, Nook is slightly thicker, heavier and wider.

Six inches wide screen

Fabulous display in six inches wide screen is one of the notable features of Kindle and Nook. Apart from same screen size, both Kindle and Nook comes in market with 2 GB storage space and Wi-Fi connectivity. Long battery life is another notable feature of Kindle and Nook. When compared to Kindle, Nook own more battery life. Battery life of Nook is two months, whereas the battery life of Kindle is just one month. At present, you can easily increase Nook’s storage space with the help of expandable microSD card. Memory capacity of Nook can be increased up to 32 GB with the help of microSD card. If you wish to store all your information and books on a specific device, both Kindle and Nook can do it. When compared to Nook, only Kindle owns sound.


Backlit Display


Kindle Paperwhite vs. Nook with GlowLight: Battle of the light-up e-readers

Kindle Paperwhite vs. Nook with GlowLight: Battle of the light-up e-readers

Amazing Backlit display is a notable feature of Kindle and Nook. Both these gadgets are best recommended for those people who wish to read in bed at night without the help of bright light. Comparison between Kindle Paperwhite and Nook Simple Touch says that the former product has a slighter higher resolution than latter one. Resolution of Kindle Paperwhite is 221 ppi and that of Nook Simple Touch is 157 ppi. At present, Kindle Paperwhite come in market with two unique software features known as X-Ray and Time to Read. X-Ray allows reader to re-visit the part of the book and Time to Read software estimates the time required for user to finish the chapter.


Nexus 7 vs. Kindle Fire vs. Nook Tablet: Battle of the $199 tablets

Nexus 7 vs. Kindle Fire vs. Nook Tablet: Battle of the $199 tablets

3G connectivity is another vital feature of Kindle Paperwhite. If you are a frequent traveler who needs 3G connectivity, Kindle Paperwhite is an apt choice for you. At present, Kindle Paperwhite with 3G connectivity and charger is easily available from market for $189. You can also get an ad free version of Kindle Paperwhite for $209 from online stores. For user assistance, Kindle Touch comes in market with file formats like TXT, PDF, Word docs and HTML pages as support. When compared to Kindle, the home screen of Nook is more graphical and allows user to jump through settings with a single tap. Lack of ads and cleaner text provided by Nook can definitely captivate all eyes of gadget lovers to this product. Nook is provided with a slight contoured back panel for better grip. Also, it comes in market with forward and backward buttons on the side part. Even though Nook support ePub and PDF formats, it won’t support Word or TXT documents. Hence Nook won’t suite for those people who wish to view information in Word documents.

Top 5 Benefits Of Using Online Dating To Get More Dates

Although the concept of online dating has become more accepted among our generation comparing to the past, some people are still hesitant when it comes to giving it a try. It is natural to be cautious about putting a public online profile of yourself, telling the world what kind of partner you are seeking, and opening up yourself to the possibility of being contacted by all kinds of people.

That being said, there are many great reasons and advantages that dating online has over the traditional method of meeting someone in person and approaching them to ask out on a date. So by considering these benefits, you might want to get out there and give it a try. Here are the top 5 advantages of online dating compared to traditional real-life methods.

Top 5 Benefits of Using Online Dating to Get More Dates

1. Minimize Your Fear of Rejection

While approaching someone attractive in the real world is usually a bit intimidating and makes you nervous, doing the same on online dating websites is a whole different story. Since your first communication with that person is usually a text message or simply a ‘wink’, it is easier to initiate contact and the fear of rejection is minimized. Also since you can send a message to tens of attractive members during the day, even if a few of them are not interested or don’t reply back to you, it is more OK.

2. You Are in Total Control of Your Online Dates

One of the best things about online dating, is the fact that the timing and frequency of the contacts is entirely up to you. You can choose to contact 10 members a day or email only two. You can also choose when to reply back if someone sends you a message or a wink.

If you run into some weirdo’s from time to time, it is also entirely up to you to ignore or block them. In summary, you are in total charge of who you would like to talk to, and who cannot reach you anymore. Dating at your own pace cam be especially relaxing and confidence-building if you have a busy career.

Dating with Girls

Dating with Girls

3. It Is Easy and Convenient

You can meet plenty of other interesting single people while sitting in your pyjamas. No need to spend a lot of time dressing up and worrying how you look. You can simply put a few fabulous photos of yourself online in your dating profile, and enjoy the rest of your online dates in your pyjamas, drinking a cup of coffee at home.

4. Meet Singles from Out of Town

While the chances of meeting someone interesting during the day when you are outside the house still exist, by relying on face-to-face meetings, you reduce your chances of meeting someone interesting to only those living in your neighborhood. But using online dating services, you can easily expand your leverage and find all kinds of kind, attractive and interesting people from other neighborhoods, and even other cities.

5. Create a Deeper Connection with Someone Using the Internet

Online Dating Makes Me Long for Commitment

Online Dating Makes Me Long for Commitment

There is something special about online communication. It gives us a virtual space where we can feel safe and more private, which encourages us to open up and show a truly honest version of ourselves that we may not dare to show in the real world. So by communicating with people via online dating sites, you get a chance to connect with them on a more personal level and get to know them better than you would get a chance when seeing them at a bar or a club.

So based on the above five reasons for online dating, you can see this new experience from a whole new angle, helping you look forward to this new chance to meeting someone special online.

5 Organic Food Myths Revealed

Almost every food item available in the supermarket has an organic alternative. Organic foods have become very popular nowadays because they are said to be more nutritious. Before you even take a grocery cart filled with organic foods to the counter, let’s first learn more about 5 organic food myths that a lot of people believe in. Here are they.

1. Organic food is great for the environment

Unlike regular farming, organic farming does not contaminate soil with chemicals and pesticides. However, since organic farming isn’t as productive as regular farming, more farm land is needed to be able to produce the same amount of food. This means that wildlife habitat may have to be used and trees have to be cut in order to grow organic foods. This isn’t good for the environment at all.

2. It is more nutritious than conventional food

Whether organic food has more nutrients is questionable. If you take a look at studies that aim to prove or disprove this, you’ll see that they are consistent. What really makes a big difference is the length of time a produce is found on the shelf. For instance, half of the nutrients in spinach are lost after a week.

3. You don’t need to be careful when washing it

All produce you find in the supermarket need to be washed properly. It does not matter if it’s organic or conventional. Produce, including organic ones, can have bacteria. It’s still best to wash produce carefully under running water.

4. It has a better taste

Why organic foods are an indulgence the world can't afford

Why organic foods are an indulgence the world can’t afford

No one has proven this expect for a study that showed that organic apples were more delicious than conventional ones. Then again, for produce to taste better, it should be in season and locally grown. Also, it hasn’t been on the shelf for a very long time. Food that’s been shipped from the other side of the globe and stays on the shelf for a week is not at its best anymore.

5. It is better for you and your body

If it’s organic cookies, soda, or chips, it’s still not good for your body. It does not matter where it’s made from. If it has lots of sugar or it’s fried, it’s still won’t do you any good.

Popular Food

Popular Food

Now that you know the truth about organic foods, it should be easier for you to decide whether you want organic produce or not. These myths should not dissuade you from buying organic foods. After all, they also have benefits to offer. The most important thing you should do when buying food items is to check its freshness, find out if it is in season, and see if the price is reasonable. It pays to know the truth, but debunking myths is never enough to make you stay away from organic food permanently.

How To Increase Your Credit Score The Easy Way

Unfortunately, credit scores can’t be moved in a matter of overnight process. Credit scores take into account of your past behaviors along with the present one to drive your record on the good side. Consistency is required in your credit history to increase your credit scores. An increased credit scores can boost your ability to get mortgages, car loans, prime credit cards, and more. That is why most of the credit card holders are trying hard to attain a high score in order to achieve these financial moves.

Request the bank for your credit report

First thing you need to look at is your credit report because this is where your credit score starts and mainly the basis of everything you need. Check your credit report for errors. There might be late payments accounted to your list that you are not sure of. Be sure that the amount that you owed in your open account is accurate. Compare them if you have your own list of your credit card activities. Keeping receipts are also very important. In any case you found out something is wrong with your credit report, do not hesitate to dispute with credit bureau and reporting agency.

PAY even before due date

On paying your credit card balances, do not wait for due date to come. If you want to get credit score, pay your dues earlier before your balance gets reported. Payments are reflected on your credit card history. No need for an overdue account in there if you are aiming to get a good score. Paying in advance would show that you have zero balance in your history and that would always be good to increase your score.

Do not overuse your credit card spending

Increase your Credit Score

Increase your Credit Score

Whether you promptly pay your bills or not, what’s calculated in the account bureau for good credit score is your account balances. Big balances could hurt your possible increase in credit card scores. Increase your scores by limiting your charges up to 30% or less of the credit card’s limit. If you have maximum purchases every time, try to have an extra card or so and alternately use them to ease the load of having big balances. If you still can’t control these purchases, try to settle the first balance before purchasing a new one. In this case, you can reduce the balance that is reported to the bureau.

 Improve Your Credit Score

Improve Your Credit Score

Raising credit card scores requires diligence. And basically what’s important is keeping your balances below the limit. In line with this, the length of your credit card history is taken into consideration on how well you take responsibility with your credits. Old accounts with good experience are highly respected by creditors and very much rewarded by your credit card institution.

5 Common Signs That You’re Out Of A Job

Have you ever walked into a room and felt like everyone is staring? If that has ever happened at work, you know that you’ve either just gotten a promotion that everyone else wanted, or just got fired. Getting fired doesn’t usually happen overnight. It is a simple and gradual process that’s filled with common signs that can’t be missed.

Your responsibilities are slowly decreasing

If you have noticed that your recent workload has been getting smaller and smaller, it is a sure sign that your services are not valuable. A company will give someone more work if they feel that they are deserving. However, if you have noticed that you haven’t been given a promotion of late or have received insignificant projects, it is a sign you should notice.

Your boss is acting differently

If your boss is no longer friendly towards you or refuses to see you with an appointment, it can be a sign that you are going to be out of a job soon. It isn’t always a sure sign, but it can be the beginning of the end. If you are heading towards this direction, ask your boss in a well composed email how you can develop your skills to suit his needs better. It is important that if you’re at this stage that you’re trying to work your way back into the good graces of your boss.

The silent treatment

If you notice that you walk into the office and your co-workers are silent when you walk by, it can be a sign of bad things to come. When people start treating you like a “leper” or you’re left out of crucial decision making processes, you can start to feel concerned about your position. Were you not invited to the latest meeting? Did you miss the latest party because you were not invited? These are all signs that you should heed as a warning.

Poor performance review

Positive Sign of Work

Positive Sign of Work

Written performance reviews should generally be positive with little room for negativity. A positive review will often highlight a few flaws that need improvement, but if your review is entirely negative and there is no positive, you could be getting fired. Most companies require a paper trail of warnings and reviews about negative work ethics before someone is fired. If your boss is giving you negative reviews, you may be on your way to getting “sacked”.

Good Sign of work

Good Sign of work

A job posting of your role

If you have recently seen the classifieds and job postings, and happen upon a posting of a job that seems to eerily resemble your job’s description, be concerned. Companies will not fire someone unless they have someone else to take the job. If the company is already looking for a replacement, you won’t last long in that office. Make sure you have a good exit strategy!

Getting fired has happened to most people. However, if you are constantly getting fired, it can become an irritating pattern. Instead of being shocked or victimized by the fact you didn’t know, learn to heed the many warning signs.